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better this summer, so a welcomed change to a lot of people. 58 degrees. winds haven't kidged up yet. but the temperatures will make it into the upper 70's. a pleasant one. this isn't chilly or cold. 78 is nice. we'll take a look at the seven-day forecast. first good morning to sarah and see what's happening on the roads. >> good morning. nice ride out there. not dealing with any delays. 52 miles per hour on the west side. on i-70, looking good. on the jfx, a smooth ride into town. harrisburg expressway equally fine. toward the fort mchenry, good. >> on the outer loop, eight minutes, so not a bad start at
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all. not dealing with any incidents. we'll switch over to a live view of the west side where we continue to run without delay. mindy and stan, good morning. >> our big story this morning, nearly a dozen homes catch fire within two city blocks. >> 11 news reporter jennifer franciotti live in our newsroom with more details. >> good morning. firefighters were very busy fighting fires to 11 houses on two niche blocks. all but two were m vacant. the fire started on the 1,300 bawk of minority calhoun street. five rowhouses went up in flames, then three more caught flames on the other side. on the 1,300 block of north cary, two of the homes were occupied when the fires broke out, but everyone got out safely.
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no word on what caused the first fire. >> one consideration is there may have been embers that blew from one fire croits the street to the next. may have ignited that one. >> in all more than 100 firefighters from nearly 50 companies responded. one firefighter suffered minor injuries. he is expected to be ok. >> new this morning, police in baltimore coun investigate an overnight stabbing. after an argument with several other people on the 1,000 block of ricers town road the victim was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. three arrests have been made. >> police continue to investigate a homicide in southwest baltimore this morning. it happened about midnight yesterday. when police arrived on the scene, they found a man shot in the head and pronounced dead at
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the scene. police say they have no suspect or motive at this time. to an 11 news update on the accused killer released on bond in anne arundel county. the state's attorney's office found a new motion asking the judge to reas i understand it bail for king. it's arguing king was originally held without bond and there was no hearing to grant bond. king, who is accused of killing a man who was sitting at a red light is a flight risk and danger to the community. >> shining laser pointers at people, especially those in flight can be dangerous after a few men were accused of shining a laser at the aviation unit. the lights can cause temporarily blindness to crews in the air. >> weapon on the west side of baltimore coun, we were struck
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by one of the laysers. very disconcerting and disorienting. and like the lieutenant said, it could absolutely affect the aircrew's ability to continue to flight. >> the misuse of laser lights is serious. >> a woman in baltimore coun sentenced. donna rock was found guilty for taking money meant for her neighbor. the girl was diagnosed with stage five neuroblastoma at the age of three. the neighbor agreed to help raise money then pocketted at least $3,000. the child is currently seeking treatment at a philadelphia hospital. another woman sent to prison to
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four years, the woman was also ordered to pay $30,000 for stealing and using the identification of a disabled person. >> if you've ever gone out to a nice restaurant you've probably at one time or another experienced noisy kids at a niche table. one salty restaurant located in carolina beach, north carolina has decided not to put up with screaming parents by asking their parents to step in and take the children outside. one note here. families of those loud kids are not asked to leave the restaurant completely. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day, do you think it's fair to force firptse leave a restaurant if their child becomes loud or unruley? email your response to well, a small town preacher from a small town church
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ignited controversy and fears of violence. >> as he moves forward to burn copies of the cuaron, 11 news kate amara is in our washington bure with the latest. >> good morning stan and mindy. ahead of the protest planned for this weekend there are mounting concerns about safety at home and abroad. the state department has ordered u.s. ambassadors around the world to take safety amid the cuaron-burning. >> the fact is it will have potentially great harm for our troops. >> leaders across the world are condemning the saturday burning to protest the anniversary of 9/11. >> we have to make sure our country known around the world as a place where liberty of religion and respect and love for your neighbor, where these things are the most prominent
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in our society. >> despite pressure to step down, the leader of the small church is proceeding forward. >> as of right now we are not convinced that backing down is the right thing. >> but pastor terry jones will have to do it without the help of the internet. >> we feel that's an vice of our freedom of expression and freedom of speech. >> the company decided to cans the site after investigating complaints and determining the site violated the hate speech. >> details straight ahead. >> plus, hermine strikes the southern part of the u.s. more as we cover the nation. >> here's a live look at traffic. here's the beltway at liberty road. ok right there. more weather and traffic when n
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>> welcome back, time is coming up on 10 after 5:00 beautiful shot of downtown. at the maryland science center, in the 50's in the suburbs. you'll notice the change if you are sensitive to cooler weather. you may need a light jacket. we'll check the forecast for the weekend when i come back. >> tony, thank you. covering the nation this morning, even though hermine is no longer a tropical storm, still causing problems. it led to more than 100 high-water rescues. at least two people were killed in austin, texas, when their vehicles became sub merged. and a dallas man was trapped when a tornado touched down and in texas a roller coaster was
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running through standing water. >> >> so far a wildfire has the fire started monday and has become one of the most destructive blazes in colorado history. one of four neighborhoods will be allowed to raurn home. so far no deaths or injuries have been reported. the cause of the fire is still unknown. >> the thai plane that landed after a threat was left on a bathroom mirror. the message was apparently a hoax. the f.b.i. found no -- >> grammy award-winning singer taylor swift and the dave matthews band are expected to be at the saints-strikings game to kickoff nfl football
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starting at 7:30, kickoff at 8:30. we invite you to join us with the ravens coun down to the kickoff. pete gilbert along with gerry sandusky will host the special tonight at 7:00 p.m. right here on wbal-tv 11. 62 degrees right now on tv hill. today's business news and the business report. >> texting is on the rise in clooments. -- in classrooms. >> we are dealing with a disabled vehicle and a traffic
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the kincaids live here. across the street, the padillas. ben and his family live here, too. ben's a re/max agent, and he's a big part of this community. there are lots of reasons why re/max agents average more sales than other agents. experience, certainly. but maybe it's also because they care about the markets they serve
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and the neighbors who rely on them. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today. >> how's this thursday shaping up so far?
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>> pretty good. one minor issue. taylor at hartford road. one disabled vehicle. traffic lights flash at northern and charles. 51 miles per hour on southbound 95 coming out of the southeast, so volume picking up on the beltway. 63 once you get closer toward frederick. owings mills, mariesville in towards beltway, looking good. a live look outside. this is the area of the harford road exit and inner and outer loops, looks good. a live view at liberty, it is getting heavier. our first delay will be soon. we'll let you know when that happens. now let's get the latest on the buses and the trains. kurt kroncke, welcome back. >> we're looking at a smooth
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commute, light rail and metro on time. mark trains looking good. no delays on the pen camden and brunswick lines and the 519, 21 buses delayed due to construction. diverting at light and pratt. also construct-related. with the mta transit team, i'm kurt kroncke. >> we did it again yesterday. we snuck into the low 90's. that's 56 days in a -- days with temperatures 90 or above. it's unusual to be that warm. record high today 94 set back in 1985. we'll be in the upper 70's today. you'll feel the change when you step outside. 58 at the airport. 56 in tawny town. a little taste of autumn has
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settled in across maryland. if you're sensitive to the cooler temperatures, you might want to take a light jacket with you. clear skies now. we'll wake up to a lot of sunshine this morning. no precipitation around us. but we were talking about remnants of hermine coming across the plains states. that may come int play in our area more toward the end of the weekend. but right now driveing in cooler temperatures. a mixture of sunshine and a few clouds today. northwest wind at 10-20. sunrise is at 6:42. mostly clear tonight and cool. temperatures dropping down to close to 50. even some 40's popping up. near 60 in the city. sunset this evening at 7:25. a lot of sunshine on friday with a high near 77.
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near 80 on saturday. so a nice start to the weekend. and we could really use some rain, and some of the computer models take what's left of hermine and mix it with a cold front and sunday maybe some rain then we dry out at the beginning of next week. >> in this morning's "consumer alert," what makes up school supplies these days has taken on a new meaning as budgets ask parents to come up with more than paper and pencils. things such as hand sanitizeers and wipes and shaving cream. parents are spending more on supplies. seems across the country, hiting the books for most students, for some it means hiting the cell phone. texting in the classroom is going on in record numbers. >> have you ever texted in a
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classroom? >> yes. >> and caleb wilcox isn't alone. according to text-plus, 43% of high school students say they text during class. >> it's addictive because it's instant. >> and after a summer of texting, it's not easy to turn off this habit. >> in fact, 70% say they do it constantly. >> there's note and talking with your friends. this is just another tool. >> more than half of the students in the survey say they text their friends in the same classroom. but that's not all. those same students say 66% get texts in class from their parents. >> it's the way they communicate. so it's the way i need to communicate with them. >> i text and pray their phone is off. >> i'll send a text and figure they'll reply back when they can. preferably when they are not being taught something. >> most schools have a policy if the sturent is caught
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texting in the classroom, they'll take up the phone, if they get caught. >> and the challenge of the school begins, the challenge of teaching and texting. >> there should be no distractions during the classroom. we're not saying it should be. but saying nexting is evil, texting is horrible. take the phones away. i don't think that's the case. >> i don't think they should be texting in class. they should have the rules that the phones should be off during class. >> only 26% of the students think it's wrong to text during class and 80% of the teens say they've never been caught. bob hansen for nbc news. >> one reason teachers don't like texting in class. 22% admit they have texted answers to other students. >> stan, i could just take the cell phones out of the classroom altogether. >> consumers are getting rid of their credit cards and going for debit and prepaid debit
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instead. jane king with the bloomberg business report. good morning. >> hi stan. good morning to you. more people pulled debit and prepaid credit cards out of their wallets. a new breed of cautious consumers are trying to spend within their means and prepaid cards have become more popular as regulations lead to the end of free checking accounts and apole to the parents of college students. unlike credit cards, the prepadse have clear limits. >> they are expecting a double-dip recession. the polling for strategy one say many fear the second imminent downturn will be worse than the first. >> positive is the indication so far. we did have a higher close yesterday. a concern eased about europe's debt problem. a little buying here on wall street.
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if you're planning on driveing to starbucks, you may notice changes on the drive-thru men knew and the copy change 'cha inhas taken the smallest size, the tall off the drive-thru men news. starbucks says it's an effort to declutter drive-thru experience having nothing to do with trying to sell a larger coffee. you can still get the tall but you have to ask for it. >> time now 5:22. 62 degrees on tv hill. coming up another look at your morning commute. >> and a special bond turns a mother's loss from the 9/11 attack into a touching tribute. >> don't forget to email us your answers to our water cooler question of the day, do you think it's fair to ask a firnte take a child out of a restaurant if they are loud and
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unruley? unruley? email your re best deal this side of sunrise, so come in and we'll make yours! get a western egg white muffin melt and a 16-ounce cup of freshly brewed seattle's best coffee. just $2.50. build your better breakfast today at subway!
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>> you know, the weeks and months after the september 11 attacks you all heard the stories from grieving family members trying to find closure. >> one helps with a tribute. >> the haunting images of 9/11 are difficult to escape for sonya. her mother, sonya was killed onboard american airlines flight, the first to hit the tower. >> my mother was blown to bits and killed. i was blown to bits and still here. >> she was left with only memories of her mother until 11 months afterwards. from ground zero from the
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depths of the darkness -- >> a miracle. >> rescue workers recovered her mother's left hand. on it her wedding ring of 40 years. >> her heartbreak turned into joy. a testimony and message of hope she wanted to share with the world. she did so by writing sonya's ring, 11 ways to heal your heart. >> i put my soul and heart in it with so much love. >> through the pages and inspiration and words of comfort along with a daughter's prayer for strength. >> mommy, where are you? mommy i miss you. will you help me? mommy, i am your daughter. your own flesh. please guide emany. >> it's been quite the journey. one she plans on traveling with courage, love and forgiveness along with a simple yet -- message, we're never alone. >> there's always a witness. something that reminds us that
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something, call it god, spirit, divine intelligence or call it nothing at all, is right there in the middle of the mess, along with us. >> sharon lawson, nbc news. >> that was a beautiful story. >> certainly is. >> time 5:26. tv hill. coming up -- >> baltimore city firefighters had their hands full battling two four-alarm fires. details ahead. >> how a detroit fire is dealing with their loss after a single house fire ends up affecting dozens of homes. details ahead. >> and a big change in the weather department. temperatures have dropped into the 50's. we'll let you know what's going on with that and the weekend. >> translates completely out in one major, in.
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one major, in. everyone knows a fee is a tax. you raised some taxes during that period, particularly the property tax as well as a lot of fee increases.
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as you know, there's a big difference between fees and taxes. but...they're the same. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. there's a big difference between fees and taxes. fees and taxes are one in the same. if it comes out of my pocket, it's a tax. now he says it isn't true. we didn't raise taxes. what? still doing the same thing, paying out more money. typical politician. definitely.

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